Powerful, thought-provoking presentations offered by Lisa Meyer, messages for different audiences all inspired by one bookQuotes for Kids.

Adult Presentations

Lisa's astounding true story for women of faith: When God Winks Wondrous Things Happen!

 In this message Lisa will share  how her faith journey grew, and the path that she took when she created her book Quotes for Kids.  Her father’s life was taken by a robber December 24, 1994. As Lisa continued to listen to my little voice (God guiding me) it led her to Roxbury Prison in 2011, to share the message of forgiveness with the person who took her Dad’s life. Now more than sixteen years later, she knew she had something compelling to share!  This is a personal story that you will not want to miss! When God Winks Wondrous Things Happen! 

An encouraging message for educators: It Doesn’t Matter What We Teach it Matters Who We Touch!

Lisa knows firsthand how much impact a teach can have in a students life. In this message Lisa will share how the very same teachers who inspired her as a child, also motivated her to write her book Quotes for Kids.  It is an affirmation to educators about what happens when they extend the extra time to reach out to a student, and the lifelong bond that is often created between a teacher and a student.

A presentation for Young Professionals: Servant Leadership

Leadership for Young Professionals, is based on the knowledge Lisa has gained from the many outstanding leaders she has met along her journey. She shares the fundamental principles of these exemplary leaders, and the concept of Selfless-Spirit of Service shared by philosophers, business executives and everyday people around the world.

Author Visits

Character Education:Learning the Fundamental of Forgiveness Helps to Unravel One of Life’s Mysteries – Forgiveness is a Choice and Life is All About Making Better Choices!

What happens when students hear an author share her story about how she was able to forgive the person who took her father’s life, and how she used this tragedy to write a book to inspire others? This story creates the perfect teaching moment for students to learn the fundamentals of forgiveness and recognize if Lisa can forgive, they can too! Eleanor Roosevelt once said, No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. You can not control what someone says or does to you, but you can control how you respond to it. Lisa uses quotations like this one to explain how she was able to make the choice to forgive, and the empowerment that students receive will help them to learn how to forgive, it is the powerful force of self-confidence that stops them from feeling the affects of being bullied. Students will understand that feeling intimidated or inferior is a choice and No one can bully you without your consent. Lisa’s message will help to equip your 5th – 7th grade students for the transition to secondary school and for a happier life -unraveling one of life’s mysteries – it’s all about making better choices. 

A Workshop to Inspire Young Writers

A workshop style Author Visit to inspire young writers 5th grade and above. In this small group setting Lisa will share more details of how she self-publishes Quotes for Kids  and the writing process.  In this interactive session students are asked to read their favorite quotation and express what it means to them. This evokes deeper thinking about quotations as the group explores questions like: What does it mean to you? How does it inspire you? What do you know about the author? We also weave in discuss about the writing process as students have the opportunity to share their work and together we brainstorm and get excited about writing! Note: Keep in mind discounted pricing is offered to schools that schedule author visits as an annual event. In addition to an annual visit, some PTO’s purchase personalized and autographed copies of Quotes for Kids for each of their 5th grade student as a special keep-sake gift to help with the transition to middle school.  

Details about the Author Visits

  • A specially prepared 40 min. (approx.) PowerPoint presentation includes a little bit of music and a question and answer segment
  • Upon confirmation, you’ll receive a time saving Author Visit Made Easy Packet
  • Book buying is easy because Lisa will bring autographed books the day of the visit
  • Books are specially priced and the proceeds help to keep the author visit fee affordable

Affordable Fees: A half-day and full day pricing is available (plus mileage).  Lisa is mindful of the difficult economy and therefore have flexible fees to  work within each schools budget.  Keep in mind back-to-back events with neighboring schools save time and money.

It’s Easy to Get Students Excited about this Author Visits!

The best author visits happen when students are excited about the event. As part of the packet, Lisa will donate a copy of Quotes for Kids to the school library. Teachers can get students exited about the visit by reading Quotes for Kids in class or on the morning announcements. Integrate the author visit into the lesson plan by printing the free sample pages of the Reproducible Activity Unit available at

  • Remember the proceeds from the book sales keep the author visit fees affordable. Pre-ordered books are personalized and autographed ahead of time for easy distribution and I will bring the books with me the day of the visit.

Author Visit Made Easy Packet is sent in advance to make your pre-planning easy!

Author Visit Made Easy Packet is sent in advance to make your pre-planning easy! Packet contains:

  • Autographed Copy of Quotes for Kids donated to school library
  • Sample pages from my of Quotes for Kids Reproducible Activity Unit
  • Master take-home flyer author visit announcement and order form, fill in the blanks, make copies, cut in half, and distribute to students. Use it again a day or two before the visit as a reminder.
  • Jacket covers and black and white photo of the author to make a display to help students to identify the book and the author
  • Letters of recommendation see testimonials

For all presentations I request: (except with small groups)

  • Lapel Microphone (wireless hands free)
  • Quality audio for CD playing
  • PowerPoint Presentation equipment including computer, projector and screen


  • Lisa will arrive approximately one hour early to help set up the room for the presentation.
  • It is best to scheduled multiple sessions approximately 10 or 15 minutes apart.
  • It is always a pleasure for Lisa if students or educators join her for a healthy lunch.
  • Meet the Author autographing sessions can be planned in advance. Or, Lisa will bring autographed books on the day of the visit.
  • Presentation and Author Visit payments should be made payable to Lisa Meyer.
  • All book and workbook sales should be made payable to Reach Press or in cash. If Quotes for Kids is being used for fund raising, checks should be made payable to the school or organization.