Remembering our Quasi-Mothers on Mother’s Day

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A few weeks ago, I asked my mom, “When is Mother’s Day?” She replied with her familiar phrase, “Everyday is Mother’s Day.” My Mom of course was saying that we should appreciate our mother everyday, and not just once a year (agreed). This made me think about all of the wonderful women in my life, the women who were like quasi-mothers to me, the women who over the years who taught me what a strong, independent, confident woman looks and feels like. If I think about these wonderful women, then mom was right – every day really could be Mothers’ Day.

My own mother is a very kind person who loves her children very much. Yet, it was many other women who proved to me that with the right support system every woman could have a beautiful well-kept home, prepare homemade delicious fast food, have a family and a career. I remember one quasi – mother who had a loving partner who was willing to work side by side with her whatever the task. Not because she “told him” to but because he trusted and respected her judgment, together they managed a beautiful home, successful business and an enormous blended family. Other quasi-mothers taught me the importance of education, community service and how to give without expecting anything in return. That people are more important than things and, that diamonds and roses are over-rated. The importance of carefully selecting our battles and, that loving-kindness can transform the roar of the loudest lion into a harmless kitten.

Each day we can learn, study, grown and change by watching these quasi-mothers who are teaching us things that own mothers only wish they could. Happy Quasi-Mothers’ Day to all the women who have touched our lives!

PS The other day when my daughter was home from college, I was sharing with her that I am not exercising enough. She responded in a sincere, kind and puzzled way a said, “I don’t know what the problem is, just do it.” More great advice from another one of my Quasi – Mothers!

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