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Quotes for Kids is a wonderful book using well-known quotes from famous people and not so well-known quotes from not so famous people. The author gives one or more interpretation of each quote, some of which are illustrated by clever line drawings … The thought-provoking book would be beneficial to children and young adults who today are inundated with violence and other negative behavior in the media, and sometimes in their own families. But adults will also enjoy and learn from the quotes … A sequel to Quotes for Kids for younger children, using more anecdotal examples to illustrate how one can show love and build character, etc, would be most welcome.

Karen McWilliams - Independent Publisher Magazine

…Through the sharing of her life experiences and her enthusiasm for the subject itself, the students gained in their understanding of the depth of quotations, such as the fact that words can take on non-literal meanings. The students also began to recognize that authors of quotations had the desire to pass on thought dealing with subjects such as character traits. Ms. Meyer also shared the steps to writing a book and publishing it. She is a very talented teacher and author, with a passion to help students learn and understand the value of a printed thought and how it can contribute to their personal well being.

Mary Beth Gaerter - Director of Educational Ministries

Lisa presents a refreshing and inspirational updating of adages in a way that our young people can gain meaning from. It gives them a way to incorporate the morality of the centuries into their lives.

Ms. Barbara A. Thomas - Science Professor - 30+ years experience.

“Thank you, for a wonderful presentation. Building character and establishing a value system is so important in today’s world. Anything and everything we can do to get this message across to our children is a vital step in the growth process.”

Sharon Minnick - Principal/Educator, 23 yrs. experience

“I feel this book should be in every school. It would be an interesting teaching tool for families and students. Quotes for Kids really makes you think about your role in life.”

Doc. Bender - Biology Teacher, 35 yrs. experience

… Lisa’s presentation was a perfect complements to our teaching objectives for helping kids improve their reading and writing skills. Her book has provided so many of our families many insightful words to ponder and respond to in order to prepare for and succeed on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment and, more importantly, in life!

Sharon Dietz - PAVCS Teacher

… Thank you, for introducing our students to the wonderful world of quotes and your terrific book … you truly are the Queen of Quotes!

Rene' Gillespie- PTA President

” … My son and I have been enjoying your book … It will obviously be a treasure and an inspirational resource to many years.”

Stephanie Douglas- PTO Treasurer

“Lisa’s book has the power to inspire our kids to find meaning and get out of life what really matters. As a life-long friend I know the sincerity and depth that has gone into its contents and… all of it really matters.”

Wanda Wagner-Smith - Phys. Ed. Teacher/Trainer, 25 years teaching experience.

Dear Lisa, After hearing you speak at the Delta Kappa Gamma meeting in Hershey, I knew that your book would be wonderful to use with my students. I never realized how much they would learn from it and love to read it each day. The students would fight over which ones they chose to read. They most always had a profound message that impacted on their life that day. Thanks a lot for making my year even more enjoyable.

Patricia Crouse

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Dear Lisa Meyer,

Thanks so much for writing a great book! I love every line of it! My name is Ryan and I’m 14 years old and on Christmas my mom got me this book called ‘Quotes For Kids’. At first I was like oh great a book just what I need (that’s my smart attitude that I want to get rid of). I saw you at Encore Books in Hampten Township and I walked up to you and saw your book and started to read a lttle of it and I loved it!

I’m in the band, you probably know that people in the band get called ______ and all that kind of stuff! This book has taught me to look past that kind of stuff and do the stuff that a person lives to do and that’s something that I love to do!

I have a problem with my Step Mom we don’t get along so well I really dis-like her! This book has helped me to keep my comments to myself! Please write more books like this and then write to me and I will litterally run out and buy it and read the book in one night! Thanks you are the best writers around for children you really inspired me.